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Benoni Zito

Cut To Size

We've Got It!

Also one of our most loved and well know for products.
Being one of very few componies that manipulate polystyrene
when it comes down to it.... WE CAN CUT ANYTHING*.

                                 With so many shapes and designs to choose from you're sure to find polystyrene
                               to suit your needs.
So we dont paint polystyrene but we have prepainted products and sell paint, glitter and spray for the D.I.Y enthuesiests.
Full Sheets 3000x1220mm
also available and various thicknesses
Precut items available for those special occasion.
For unique requests all we need is a template of the shape you
want in its exact size you need it and Hey Presto !
Click Here For A List Of Polystyrene Dummies
And Sheets